Monday, January 7, 2008


Every year i will be going to tour along with my parents during the holidays... but last year we didnt go anywhere...any way i will write the experience of the tour in 2006 which we went to Kolkata and Sikkim... It was a nice experience in kolkata for me as we visited various places without knowing their language... We visited the famous Howrah Bridge and we went to Dakshineshwar Temple in a boat on the famous Hooghly river!!!! Then from there we boarded a train to New Jalpaiguri.... Then from there we boarded a TataSumo to Gangtok!!!! It will be a four hours ride from New Jalpaiguri..... It was a great experience as we went along the mountainous roads with rivers flowing with water along the sides of the road...Then after reaching Gangtok we visted various places in and around Gangtok....Here i will show the places and their descriptions which i have visited in Gangtok.....Changu (Tsomgo)Tsomgo Lake is one of the most popular destination for tourists, it is located at 35 km from Gangtok.The Lake is situated at an altitude of 12,310 ft, has an average depth of 50 ft, and remains frozen during the winter months up to mid-May.Sikkim a memorable place to watch and enjoy...