Monday, February 11, 2008

Leading Rivals

In all the aspects of life there are leading rivals..... I have to mention a few regarding these rivals..... In the field of sports like cricket, Australian fast bowler Glenn Mcgrath as well as Brett Lee will be the leading rival to Sachin Tendulkar who is the legend of Indian Cricket.... In tennis Novak Djokovic will be a leading rival to Roger Federer as he won the recent
Australian Open in 2008... In the field of cinema eventhough there has not been any rivalry between KamalHasan and Super Star Rajinikanth there has been decades of rivalry between rajini fans and kamal fans...In the history of battles Gauravas who had been a great rivals to Pandavas .even though gauravas were hundred in number pandavas with a meagre strength were able to get the support of almighty.....Finally in the latest era of high grade technology to mention a few
Mukesh Vs Anil
Yahoo Vs Google
Nokia Vs Sony Ericcson
Though there has been a rivalry between these great enterprueners it has finally lead to the development of the whole world as a one union .These developments which might do a great things to the people , will they lead to anything which will affect the whole mass? will this lead to development or deplement think .....think ..........


nice one da.give more information on the competition btw them.