Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Which I Like The Most

It is a tough competition between a school and a college of which i like the most.However both have to led to spent charming days ever in our life. In school we play with our friends,enjoying the school life and teasing the teachers with some unruly words making them angry at the most.We go outing with our friends and school will arrange for excursion and those trips are enjoyable at all times.Any way school life is a memorable one.Coming to the college life,anyway i am studying in a college which is like a jail,there are some events such as culturals,symposiums which make us happy and especially the tours arranged in our college are enjoyable with our friends at the most and it will make us happy.Sighting the figures in our college have some interesting moments in our life...Any way college life ultimately rocks!!! Compared to College life ,school life is a memorable one of which i liked the most.school life also rocks to the core!!!