Sunday, March 9, 2008

Button-less MP3 player

The Aigo Omnisphere MP3 player has no buttons and changes colour with volume and beat.Aigo’s Omnisphere F 529, a made-in-China offering that has just come to India, looks like a futuristic piece of drawing room decor… a smooth and glowing cone whose see-through head dances with colour with every change in volume and tempo of the music it belts out.Its shape makes its sound omni directional and the 5 Watts it produces is rich and clear. The built-in 1 gigabyte of storage is good for about 500 songs but at a pinch can be used as simple storage for files, videos or whatever: a USB-type slot tucked away in the base, allows you to link to other devices such as a PC or music system to exchange files, while a memory card slot allows you to extend the built-in storage by a GB or two. The Omnisphere costs Rs.5,200 and this mp3 player have almost 4096 colour combinations.It has no buttons the top of the cone can be swivelled and acts as the play-select-stop control depending on the direction you push.