Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Frequent usage of mobile phones will harm our health

All mobile users beware that there is a new problem arising due to use of mobiles. They were saying that by use of mobiles we may have problems in our ear. Now they have recently discovered that frequent use of mobiles can cause CANCER. This is an alarming signal for all mobile users,but it is scientifically proven that by speaking more than 20 minutes through a mobile our ear will receive heat radiations which may affect the ear first and then it damages our DNA and will collapse the chromosome leading to carcinogenicities which is nothing but cancer. So the mobile users try to cut down the rate of time you speak through mobile. Have major part of your conversations through SMS. Thereby you can save your health and also convey the information efficiently.By this way you can extend your life. So save your life and rarely use your mobiles.