Monday, July 21, 2008

Mahabalipuram - A memorable trip

It was on Thursday 17 th July-2008, our friends planned to go to mahabalipuram.So 10 of our friends (Me,Harish,Mahesh,Samba,Sathish,Raja,Santhosh,Vijay,Sriram ,Vinod) decided to come. We arranged 5 bikes in order to go to mahabalipuram. We all started late only in the afternoon.Me and Harish started from his house by 12.We all decided to go via kelambakkam.So we reached Vandalur at 12.30.There Vijay,Raja,Sano,Sriram,Vinod joined us.Me and Sano went in triples in Vijay bike and we reached kelambakkam by 1.10.From there Sathish joined us.So from there i went in Harish bike as Sano is joined with Sathish.On a hot afternoon,the road to mahabalipuram was not too busy as we were able to take some photos on the road itself.Samba took his bike from his friend Murugappan who is in Mylapore.He picked up Mahesh at Sholinganallur.In the mean time we reached Mahabalipuram at 1.50.As all of us were very hungry we went to a hotel and had a tiffin,lunch etc..In the mean time in Harsih bike the clutch got broken and Satish helped him in going to mechanic shop and put a new clutch.Samba and Mahesh have joined us in the hotel.At 3 we went to Mahabalipuram shore temple.At 3.45 we entered into the beach.All of us were breached in the water by the high tiding waves and we enjoyed a lot by playing with the ball and hitting everyone on the back...Ellarukum uri adi vizhundhadhu.All of our pants were full of mud.Some of our friends were also interested in seeing kili josiyam.We all took photos in the beach and later two foreign couples came and talked to us.They also really enjoyed and we had a snap with them.Then we left the beach at 7. All of us were very tired and hungry.So we decided to go to A2B restaurant which is in ECR,and had a dinner.At 8.30 we started from the hotel back to the house through ECR.Oi(Harish) who is riding the bike and me who is accompanied with him were roared into a plunger of darkness at night in ECR.Any how, all of us reached home safely by 9.30.I will upload a photo of this trip.The crew members were,

Harish(Oi) - leading from the front (1st row).
Raja, Me(Shankar) ,Vinod(Seval),Santhosh(Sano),Sriram and Mahesh(Maggi) -2nd row from left to right.
Vijay(Vj), Sambashiva(Samba) and Sathish(Kudi) -3rd row from left to right.
Indeed it was one of the memorable trips for everyone of us and hope to go again for such trips in the future!!!!


Awesum trip truly man.. Semma enjoyment!!! Wish we share many more such unforgettable moments together da!!!