Saturday, July 12, 2008

NIIT e-learning kit wins UNESCO accolade

The Smart Science Computer-Aided eXperience (CAX) kit, developed by NIIT which is made in India,harnessing the experience of a personal computer of school science experiments,won accolades at a recent UNESCO convention on Innovative, Information Technology-driven teaching. The kit consists of a data capture unit and three hardware modules to perform experiments in electricity, heat and sound and the cost of the kit is priced around Rs.30,000.When plugged into any PC and used with the software provided on a CD, the kit becomes a self-paced and self-learning station and students can feel a touch and over social science experiments which they studied as theory.It consists of a audio visual package that has been made in English to help the students in tribal areas to preform their science experiments easily and quickly.Most of the students can use these kit to listen to their own heart beats and this kit provides a handful option for the school students to perform science experiments.