Thursday, July 10, 2008

Spain-Euro 2008 Champion

It was a fantastic sunday on July 6th,as the two bigger teams namely Germany and Spain made it to the title clash for the Euro-2008 championships.In the end Spain dethroned Germany by 1-0.For Spain,Fernando Torres scored the golden goal for his country at the 33rd minute of the match.The spanish players really deserved this victory with some fantastic passes which made it a hard hitting battle for the germans.Ballack and his team were not in a position to defend them.The spaniards really played well,and after 64 years they again turned their side into a enthralling victory.Luis Aragones (coach) and his team were excellent throughout the tournament.Xavi Hernandez was the player of the tournament and David Villa won the golden boot award these two spanish players really deserved this award and now spaniards are the deserving euro champions.