Friday, November 7, 2008

Power Cut

Now a days power cut play a major role among the media as well as the people. Due to lack of rain in our country or state there has a been a lot of demand on power for over the years in this decade. The Hydel and thermal power stations now a days do not generate much power to the rural and urban areas because of lack of rain and other climatic effects. Due to this shortage of power the government has announced power cut in rural areas for five hours daily and in urban areas power supply will be daily suspended for three hours. Due to this power cut most of the aged people who are living in their homes will be affected due to sweating and they feel uncomfortable and uneasy. Most companies suffer financial problems due to this power cut. People will face many hardships and they cannot able to tolerate with daily power cuts and all people hope that government will take necessary steps to generate more power and there will not be any power cuts in the near future.