Friday, November 21, 2008

Ipod and its features

In earlier generations many people will hear music through TV,radio and tape recorders and these items cannot be taken in hand while people travel across the cities. In the new generation or in the latest technology that is existing today for music and entertainment is the generation of ipod. It one of the world's most popular audio and video music player which is very portable and handy to use it. It consists of expandable memory card where people can store large number of audio and video songs of various types such as mp3,mp4 etc. In the world most people prefer to use the ipod which is manufactured by Apple. The latest one to release is the Apple 32 GB ipod touch in which the people can store up to 7000 songs and can watch movies through their wide screens and one can also surf the web through the WI-FI technology. The various types of ipod available are ipod Nano,ipod Classic,ipod Shuffle with various versions that will be updating continuously with the latest technology. Most people prefer ipod because it is very easy to carry while travelling and it also has digital quality sound which will express music to a larger extent. It is also available at cheaper prices with hi-fi facilities and multimedia players and this in turn enable ipod to be the greatest music player all over the world.