Friday, September 11, 2009

Sensitivity in relationships

Over time, we have been changing significantly, the way we perceive ourselves. Most changes taking place in society are the result of this new awareness of the need to be sensitive, to be mindful of the need to respect others and their freedom and to be tolerant in matters of faith. We are becoming conscious of our environmental responsibilities, of the need to make less noise and to take care not to encroach on another’s property or ownership rights. Our survival depends on our sensitivity to people, other beings and the environment. True sensitivity is better expressed in silence than in words. Even when we use words of comfort, they would be effective only if they are rooted in silence. We can experience a communion, an oneness of being that binds us together for no other reason than that we are in each other and both of us are in God. So people should experience divine communion with one another and they should lead a better life.