Saturday, October 10, 2009

Implementation of computer technology

Humans can communicate through the power of speech and in turn they can also use their power of thought to achieve success in their life. The experiment such as brain to computer interface technology involved two people who were attached to an EEG or electroencephalograph amplifier, two computers, an internet connection and one LED lamp. The first person was asked to transfer his thoughts to a computer. His thoughts were translated into a language which consists of a series of binary digits zeros and ones. When the second computer received the signals sent via the net, the second person saw flashing LED lights. The first person’s thoughts were transferred through these light patterns. The patterns were matched with the binary digits. In fact, a brain to computer interface can have a number of applications such as controlling a robot in a virtually reality environment. So this experiment is in early stages now, but once this is implemented it will have a brighter face for the future.