Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Toppings with Pizza and not Pi

If you were normal and gainfully employed, you would not have known that there is something called ‘Pi Approximation Day’ and it passed away this week. Pi is a classic mathematical construct that is very central to all scientific developments. Pi’s invention was also the trigger for an assembly line of similar improbable numbers. Avogadro’s number readily comes to mind, because ‘Google Search’ readily comes to hand. But it’s not historical science. Pi also seems a great inspiration for every day items, by which I specifically refer to pizzas. In general, the pizza prices seem to involve several severe multiplications with Pi. And that is not all. Only those who understand Pi can hope to at least get a hang of the various combinations of the toppings and the various sizes that go with a pizza. Pizza is not made for single individuals. So I tell the scientific community, what we actually need is, not Pi Approximation Day, but Pizza Approximation Day. So people can enjoy eating pizzas with toppings and lead a better life for the future.


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