Tuesday, March 18, 2008

College days ends in a happy note

The college life in these four years ends in a happy note today as all of our friends really enjoyed these days with lots of fun and kalattas. Today most of our guys and gals in the class were busy in filling the slam books and no matter as the time went fastly the students engaged in groups in the afternoon session to take photographs and also they had taken photos with the staffs of our department.We sounded like anything in the morning session as the MC sir told to the students that he is going to take class.Then all the students started shouting sir...sir... We didn't allow that sir to take class..Every students in the class was overwhelmed with joy and in the final session everybody join hands with each other so that these friendship in the college days will be an unforgettable one...They were especially happy because they get freed from one of the most dangerous jails(college) in these four years...College days ultimately rocks to the core!!!Hope we all shall meet in farewell and in culturals also!!! Friendship in college life will generally last forever!!!