Monday, July 14, 2008

Asif tested positive during IPL

Mohammad Asif who has been playing for Delhi Daredevils during the IPL has been tested positive for a banned substance during a random testing by the league.The IPL compared the result from the WADA-approved laboratory in Switzerland that tested the samples with the data collected by IDTM, the Sweden-based independent agency that organised the tests, and confirmed Asif as the player whose sample was positive.A sample taken from random testing at the inaugural season of the Indian Premier League has tested positive and on hearing this all the players were shocked and surprised.Asif told to reporters that he had naver used any banned substances during this league.Asif played eight of Delhi's 15 matches in the IPL and this information put their team in a deep trouble.It was found that Asif had not applied for a TUE. A note in writing has been sent to the player and his home board and to the franchise on the findings.